Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  Bring hope, help, and healing, to a hurting world.  Tin House Canada partners with more than 130 projects in 32 countries around the world.  But we also realize that people right here at home also need to have hope, receive help, and begin healing.  So we are excited to partner with local individuals and agencies that have demonstrated effective engagement with those in need.  And, in pursuit of our vision, we welcome new ideas and projects that will result in greater reach for global good.  We invite you to join with us!

Obviously, nothing gets done without generous people just like you.  Your tax deductible gift of any amount will work toward changing lives.  Be a difference maker!

Why not consider doing something a little out of your normal comfort zone?  We can put your boots on the ground to bring hope, help, and healing, in person!

We'd love to have you get to know us a little more.  Take a couple of minutes and click on over.  We'll introduce ourselves and hopefully answer most questions.

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Tin House Canada is proudly Canadian with its headquarters on the beautiful east coast.