When the Soviet Union collapsed many 'Soviet Satellites' (countries that had been absorbed into the USSR) were left economically devastated and have still not fully recovered.  Construction, infrastructure, and very importantly, social welfare and assistance programs stopped operating literally overnight.  Unemployment, despair, substance abuse, and hopelessness still persist in many areas.  Children and adults with special needs receive no assistance, education, or even basic life skills training.  Many children are simply abandoned by their families due to lack of money and any form of support.  Tin House Canada has chosen to support those organizations and people on the front lines bringing hope, help, and healing to these hurting people.

Recently, Brent Steeves (co-founder of Tin House Canada) visited Latvia, Belarus, and Lithuania, to assess the needs on the ground in that region.  These photos are of the accommodations so graciously provided by the incredible people whom we desire to serve.  These truly are amazing people caught in circumstances that are no fault of their own.  Will you join us in bringing hope, help, and healing to these hurting people?

This bathroom is shared by the entire floor of the apartment block. Soviet era plumbing cannot accept toilet tissue so waste paper is dropped in the pail next to the toilet.  While this building doesn't represent the entirety of the region, there are simply too many communities who raise families in these types of conditions.



Food programs for youth and families.  Summer youth camps.  Feeding and assistance programs for the elderly.


(The only current dictatorship in Europe)  Food programs.  Summer youth camps.  Rehabilitation centers for substance abuse and released prisoners. Special needs home for children.  Medical care and supplies.  Christmas shoe box initiative.


Christmas shoe box initiative.  Summer youth camps.  Rehabilitation centers.  Food programs.


Family food programs.  Education programs.  Lifeline program--food and other needs.  Summer youth camps.  Orphanage.  Christmas shoe box campaign.


Humanitarian aid.  Orphanages.  Post-secondary education facility.  Medical supplies.  Christmas shoe box campaign.

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