It's about giving back.  Giving back to the communities that give to us.  The communities where we live and work; where we raise our families and maybe even raise a glass!  The mission to bring hope, help, and healing, is a world-wide task for sure.  But, last time we checked, our town is part of that world.  So, while we simply must have greater reach for global good, we can't walk by the homeless in our own cities and not do something.  Tin House Canada is committed to partnering with local people and organizations to meet the needs of those we walk amongst--right here at home.

Special guests at local libraries help to promote literacy and childhood learning practices.

Community color runs are great ways to raise funds for local programs for those in need.  Supporting those who are already doing the front line work is an easy and effective way to engage your community.

Volunteering just an hour or two a week can provide lonely people an entire new outlook.  Hope may be just a pair of sunglasses and a laugh away!

A free family fun day in a local park can provide single parents or struggling families and opportunity to spend quality time together doing something fun and affordable.  Investing in our communities pays huge dividends toward good mental health.

Do you have a talent you can share with local children or others who may not otherwise get a chance to learn?

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